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We’ll teach you how to use Guest Blogging to help grow your following and make more money.

Growing a blog following can be a lot of work. Especially if you’ve never done it before. One way to get a source of free website traffic is Guest Blogging. By guest posting on other popular websites, you can build your following by exposing your brand and message to new audiences. All you have to do is figure out who you’re targeting and what websites they already like to go to. Then you write some content and send it on over. If all goes well, your content will be posted and you’ll be enjoying some new followers in no time.

Get more traffic fast by mastering Guest Blogging

But if you’ve never done it before, you could waste a lot of valuable time just learning the ropes. The concept sounds easy, but how do you find the right websites? How do you know if they will give you traffic? What topic should you write about? Once you start digging in, there can be more questions than there are answers.

You could go out and learn it all on your own. You could spend hours figuring out what your message is. What the qualities of a good website are. And then learning from every mistake. If you’ve got the time, then this can be a very rewarding experience. But who has that kind of time?

If only there was a resource that helped break down the process into an easy to follow process. A resource that had already distilled down all of the information into a proven system that cuts out all the fluff. If only there was a…

Crash Course to Guest Blogging

Our Guest Blogging System

  • Know the background of Guest Blogging
  • Find high-value guest blogging opportunities
  • Create engaging pitches and article ideas
  • Gain more subscribers and paying customers

Guest Blogging Grows Businesses

  • Free site traffic and publicity
  • Grow an email list or newsletter
  • Get more social media followers
  • Make valuable industry connections

Plus, professional coaching to help you master the process and create your first article – one that really WORKS!

Marc C at YourSiteWORKS teaches Guest Blogging

Hello there!

I’m Marc, and I want to teach you how to use Guest Blogging to help grow your audience and make you more money. In addition to our exclusive five part video course, I’ll also invite you to join our private Facebook group.

I’ll work directly with you and the rest of the class to help answer questions, explain tricky topics, and even provide feedback on the guest blog posts that you’ll be working on as a part of the course.

Your success is our priority. That’s why we provide the extra layer of personalized service to help you achieve your goals.

Don’t miss out – sign up today before the class fills up!

Marc C

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Still want to give it a go alone? We’ve got you covered.

We want your blog to be a success. So we also put together an exclusive guest blogging article series. These articles will cover the basics of the process as well as some helpful tips and tricks. Don’t believe us? You’ll find the articles below. And when you’re ready for a more personalized experience, one that works with you and helps you track your progress while keeping you engaged, then stop on back and register for the next course.

The merits and history of guest blogging.

Article 1: Is Guest Blogging Worth It?

Guest blogging is DEAD. Or so they said… But guess what – it can still be a great source of free traffic if you do it right. Learn the history, downfall, and revival of this tried and true practice in our introductory article.


Find High Quality Guest Blogging Opportunities

Article 2: Find High Quality Opportunities

Not all opportunities are created equal! Targeting low quality guest blog websites can actually do more HARM than good. Learn how to find opportunities and choose the best ones using some simple SEO tricks.


Craft a pitch and get approved.

Article 3: Craft a Pitch & Get Approved

You’ve got 30 seconds to pitch your guest blog – GO! Can’t do it? Check out this article to learn how to create a successful elevator pitch and maximize your potential to get approved when submitting applications.


Craft a pitch and get approved.

Article 4: Drive Traffic with Great Content

Being accepted as a blog contributor is great – but it’s not worth much if you can’t create engaging content that the readers will find valuable. This article covers some steps you can take to beat the odds.


Craft a pitch and get approved.

Article 5: Convert Traffic into Customers

You’ve followed our steps and you’re getting some great website traffic out of your guest blog post – but you don’t have any new customers! With a few easy tricks and some preparation you can change that.


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