Introductory Writing Package

What You Get

Not everybody is a wordsmith, luckily we are here to help! This base package is perfect for business owners that are just taking the plunge into online sales, or those who are already established but don’t think their content is doing their products/services justice. We’ll help you document key facts about your business and refine your mission statement. Then we’ll conduct some keyword research within your industry and outline/optimize a professional sitemap and content strategy. After that, we create original content for up to 10 pages of your website that incorporate all of our findings in a way that speaks directly to the needs of your customers with the goal of converting them into new business!

We also include lots of value added services, including embedded videos or images you provide or select from a stock photo website. The price you pay is for content, but you receive so much more! Below is an outline of the services included in this package.

Our Process

Step 1: Gather Info

First, we’ll want to learn more about your business and core values as a company. By providing us with some answers to introductory questions about what you do, we’ll gain a baseline understanding of your organization. Then, we’ll create some targeted questions based upon your specific goals and offerings. After that, we take a quick look at your competitors and the industry at large to help us create a sitemap, content strategy, and keyword list. These documents will be sent to you for your review and once accepted, they represent the path forward for your project.

Step 2: Content Creation

Now that we’ve outlined the plan, we’ll start creating your content. This will include up to 10 pages of original content writing, including META title and description tags to help increase the SEO footprint of your website. As we work on the content we may have additional questions or points of clarification, so it is important for you or a member of your company to remain available to help us during this process. We’ll also help provide guidance on the types of images or other multimedia that you may want to include on the pages. With this package, we will also include some light graphic and video editing such as cropping or resizing for images, and clipping or adding simple titles/credits for videos.

Step 3: Review & Revise

Once the content is created, we’ll send it to you for your review and feedback. Our package includes up to 2 rounds of revisions which we have found is more than what most of our customers need in order to get the messaging just right. While we take special efforts to understand your business, ultimately your first-hand knowledge will the most definitive resource when confirming the direction of the content. The goal of the feedback is to give you an opportunity to provide some corrective guidance on specific pages so that we can accurately speak to your audience in a way that we both feel comfortable with. We’ll send you a document that outlines each piece of content, and then ask you to provide specific feedback or edits within the document itself using the common editing tools that are included in most word processing software. If you’re unsure how to utilize these tools, we can provide user-friendly guides that walk you step-by-step through the process. We’ll also add the content onto your website for most common website content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, or straight HTML.