10 Key Things to put on your Construction Website

Your construction business needs a website.

If you’re out there swingin’ hammers every day, you probably don’t think too much about your website. The phone rings, and you schedule your next job. Your reputation is the lifeblood of your business, and word of mouth has carried you far. But what if we told you that some people actually will trust your business LESS if you don’t have a website?

Construction businesses with websites get more jobs

These days, the first thing people do when they hear about a new business is turn to their favorite search engine to find out more information. If you’re not ready to accomodate them, you’ve already put yourself at a disadvantage. If your website is already set up, then you want to create the best possible experience for your readers so that they will consider doing business with you over your competitors. Here are 10 things you can include on your construction website in order to make your customers feel comfortable and excited to work with you.

1 – Feedback from satisfied customers

People feel more comfortable if they know they’re not the only ones working with you. They’ll especially love it if they see some of their neighbors raving about your services. Call some folks that you’ve worked with that you know are satisfied and see if they would be willing to let you put a quote on your website.

2 – Ways to contact you

Your phone number is a no-brainer. Make sure it is prominently on the top and bottom of each page. You can also set up a contact form that people can fill out to request a call from you or a quote for services. There are even some companies out there that allow you to integrate a scheduling system right on your website, so even more work is done before you even pick up the phone!

3 – Hours of operation

Many types of construction jobs are very dependent on the weather. But visitors will want to know generally what days you are willing to do work so they can plan their schedules to make sure they’re around when you are. For example, if you only do work Monday through Friday, then you should list that somewhere, as well as your typical working hours during those days.

4 – Certifications, accreditation, and license info

You will want customers to know that they’re working with a legitimate professional. A good place to reference these professional assets is on the homepage, as well as your about us page. If you’re required to display a license number, you can do this as well.

5 – Insurance validation

This is often overlooked, but is a great way to let customers know that you are a serious professional and that you’ll be able to make them whole again in the event of some terrible unforeseen circumstance. You may not need to list your specific coverage amount, but if you are fully insured, that is worth noting. If you’re unsure how to phrase this, you should talk to your insurance agent or a lawyer before listing any information your’e not confident about.

6 – Photos of your work

There is no better way for visitors to see the type of work you do. Photos provide a unique glimpse into your workmanship and abilities. Make sure you are regularly documenting the great jobs that you do and share them with visitors to your website, as well as social media.

7 – Videos of your work

OK, we lied. Videos are even better than photos. Try doing a walk-through of your next job. The recording doesn’t have to be fancy, and any modern smartphone’s camera will more than do the trick in these cases.

8 – List of services

Some construction companies do it all. But many local construction companies will specialize in just one or a handful of areas. Make sure you list these out, and talk about the different aspects of each one. This is also a great way to help your website rank for terms that are relevant to your business.

9 – Payment methods

Customers will want to know if they will need to have a large sum of cash on hand in order to pay you. If you take credit cards, you should make sure they know that. Even more so if you will work on payment plans.

10 – A personal touch

This is great for the About Us page and Homepage. This is your chance to make a personal connection with visitors to your website. Include some history on how you got started and what lead you into the construction business. People will be more likely to trust your construction company if they feel like they know them and what makes their business tick.

Start building more than just construction sites

Your website is a unique construction project of its own. If built right, it can add credibility and drive more leads to your business. If done wrong, or if it is non existent, then you can be certain that some customers will be driven away. These tips will help you maximize your online potential.

If you’re still not sure how to get setup, or are just looking for somebody do do the dirty work for you. Contact us to find out more.