5 Ways that a website manager can save you money.

Website management doesn't have to give you a headache.

We know, we know…monthly subscriptions can be a lot to swallow. And what’s worse is that everything seems to have a monthly payment associated with it these days.

For some things, like your cable bill, the reward is purely intangible. You receive entertainment in exchange for a monthly fee.

And then there’s a cell phone payment – at least this serves a practical purpose. But still, when you weigh the alternatives – a land line, email, or some other method, the cost is drastically higher.

So what’s the deal with website management?

Another monthly bill is something we all need like a hole in the head. But there are real cost savings that you will see immediately by hiring a website management company.

  1. Save yourself time. Your time is money. The more time you can spend finding new customers, visiting job sites, or working in the shop – the more your business can grow. To manage your website, not only would you need to spend the time learning how to create and manage a website, but then there’s the time-consuming activity of keeping it up to date.
  2. Keep your overhead low. Traditionally, companies that want to take their online presence seriously have been obligated to hire an in-house person to do so. This will mean tens of thousands of dollars a year coming out of your business’s bottom line. A website manager is able to do this for a much lower monthly rate.
  3. It’s reliable and redundant. Even if you hire a person – you still have to deal with sick days, vacations, and other stresses of managing employees. A website management company builds their systems to scale. A network of managers is available to step in any time something comes up. By managing many customers at once – they’re able to keep the cost low while staying highly reliable.
  4. A good website can actually earn you money. It’s true, your website’s performance is directly linked to how much attention you give it. A website manager makes your website a priority of theirs on a regular basis. They keep an eye on the health of your website and help post your updates to the world at times that will maximize engagement with your audience.
  5. It can also help avoid unplanned expenses. Software updates, changing online standards, and even hackers – all of these things are out of your control and have a direct impact on your website. A little preventative maintenance can help you avoid a major headache later on.

It might seem too good to be true, but it’s not. Companies like ours are able to serve a wide range of customers by utilizing proven methods and processes that allow us to efficiently roll out updates to all of our clients. We carefully cultivate our network of managers and developers so that we always have the best help available during the times of the month that you need it most.

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