Custom Consultation Package

We’ll put even the largest site to WORK

Not everybody fits into a box, and likewise our pre-packaged solutions aren’t always the right fit for those individuals. If you are looking to build a more advanced website such as one that includes ecommerce or in-depth custom functionality. Or maybe you’re looking to have complicated technical writing done for more than 10 pages. Or maybe you’re just unsure about the direction of your business and would like professional guidance. If this sounds like you, then our Custom Consultation Package is what you want.

In this package, we go through an in-depth discovery process where we gain a thorough understanding of your business needs. From this we will n order to develop a detailed Business Opportunity Report that outlines what you do as well as what you COULD do to make your site and business really WORK. We’ll also summarize our recommendations in a customized statement of work that details exactly how our team can help you get this done. Or, you can take the Business Opportunity Report (BOR) that we created and work on improving things yourself. There are no obligations to continue and the choice is entirely yours.

Intro Consulting Package Include:

  • Three 1 hour consultation meetings
  • SWOT & Gap analysis of your organization
  • Product/Service positioning consultation
  • Website Strategy Analysis
  • Business Opportunity Report

Our Objective

  • Understand your company mission
  • Identify organizational shortcomings
  • Recommend steps for improvement
  • Document website strategy
  • Detailed Statement of Work

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Step 1: Set the Schedule

To kick off your Custom Consultation, we’ll set up a kickoff call to start getting to know you and your company. You should be prepared to discuss your organizational mission, your largest source or planned source of revenue, as well as areas that you feel need the most improvement. Based upon our discussion and review, we’ll work on scheduling a series of 3 consultation meetings where we will dive in depth into different areas of your company. Based upon your specific needs, additional meetings may be recommended. Throughout our meetings, we’ll be focused on understanding key aspects of your business which will help us create the documentation in the next phase.

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Step 2: Documentation Creation

We want to make sure that we understand your business, but we also want to make sure that you understand it too. This may sound simple, but we have found that an outside perspective can often be very enlightening. We’ve also found that there are some simple analytical exercises that when done by a professional team of experts can be even more powerful than an outside perspective. So with us, you get the best of both worlds. As we look at your business and website strategies, we’ll create professional documentation that you can keep as a valuable business asset. At the end of it all, we’ll compile it into a Business Opportunity Report which we’ll review with you in order to understand what areas we may want to address in your customized Statement of Work. The goal here is always to look at problems objectively, identify possible solutions, and empower you as our customer to take things to the next level with or without our teams help.

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Step 3: Custom Contract Creation

Now that we’re on the same page with you and your company, and we both have a good understanding of what areas you want to improve upon, we’ll put together a custom contract that includes a detailed Statement of Work. Since this done custom for each client, so the end product may vary, but some typical examples include customized websites, large or complicated blogs, ecommerce capabilities, or even just help developing business strategies designed to accelerate your growth. At the end of our consultation period, you’ll have the option to proceed with the longer term engagement that we outline, or you can take the information that we’ve already outlined and work on improving these things on your own – the decision is entirely yours. At the end of the day, our goal is to help you make your site and business WORK!