Introductory Website Package

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One of our primary goals is to help average business owners get setup online using quick and easy tools. While there are lots of options for people with the time and drive to set up a website themselves, sometimes it makes more sense for you to focus on other things that make your business money and leave the website to somebody else. If you are one of those people, then our Website Package is exactly what you need. We’ll guide you through the process of setting up accounts and then launch a professional website that we’ll populate with your content. Our Website Package includes a professional design from our selection of high performing website layouts, a dynamic Content Management System (CMS) powered by WordPress, as well as proven conversion techniques, calls to action, and lead generation forms built right in.

We also include lots of value added services, including embedded videos or images that you provide or select from a stock photo website. At the end of it all, you get a high quality website that is created by our experts to really WORK! Below is what’s included:

Website Services Include:

  • Sitemap consultation & creation
  • Adding your content on up to 5 pages
  • Integrated branding & logo
  • First class WordPress CMS
  • META Title and Description tags

Generate Leads With:

  • Complimentary Keyword Analysis
  • Complimentary Domain Consultation
  • Up to 2 call to action forms
  • Prominent phone & contact info
  • Homepage image slideshow

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Step 1: Plan the Project

With all of our packages, the first thing we’ll want to do is learn about you and your company. We’ve compiled a list of introductory questions that we’ll ask you to answer in order to facilitate our understanding. After we’ve established a baseline understanding, we’ll followup with some more targeted questions that we develop based upon your earlier responses. Once we understand your business, we’ll turn our attention toward the layout and design of your website. You’ll need to provide high-quality copies of your logo as well as specific direction regarding your company’s branding colors. We will also need all of the content that you’ll want included on the website. Our team will handle up to 10 pages but will be happy to train you on how to create more pages on your own. We’ll also configure up to 2 contact forms that include up to 10 fields each, as well as an additional general contact form. After we’ve gathered all of your information, agreed upon a layout, and reviewed your content, we’ll be ready to start building your new website!

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Step 2: Website Creation

Now that we’ve outlined the plan, we’ll need to get you set up with the right accounts. We’ve got a network of hosting and domain providers that we’ve worked with. So if you’ve already got these accounts setup and purchased we’ll just need to review the access and features to make sure that they support the WordPress CMS. If your hosting package doesn’t support this, or if you need new hosting or a domain name, we’ll point you in the right direction and help you set this up so we can get started. Once we’ve got these fundamentals out of the way, our team will begin installing and configuring WordPress, and then setting up your layout, branding, logo and finally: your content.

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Step 3: User Testing & Launch

After we’ve done all of the setup and customization, we’ll go through a testing phase before we launch. Testing will include a review by our team to make sure that all of the content is laid out correctly and includes all of the text exactly as you provided it as well as confirming the operation of contact and call to action forms. We’ll also confirm the website’s accessibility on the latest versions of FireFox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer as well as the layout on primary PC, Tablet ad Mobile device resolutions. After our testing is complete, we’ll provide a document of all of our results that you can keep with your records which will include screenshots that confirm the mobile and browser accessibility of the homepage and two primary subpages. We’ll then ask you to review and the document as well as the content of the website and provide any final feedback on before launch. Once you’ve approved the website, we’ll update the settings in your domain and hosting packages to put the website live. If you have an existing website, we’ll add 301 redirects from the old URLs to the new ones so you don’t your existing link traffic! From there on out, the site is yours – we don’t hold any rights once it is released which is rare in this market as many people will want you to keep you paying fees.