The ONE Thing that sets Guest Blogging Apart from other Marketing Strategies

Learn how to get free blog traffic by following our real life promotion strategy example.

If you’re marketing your business, or working as a marketer at a company, then you always want to stay on the top of your game. You know you don’t know it all, but you’re willing to learn. What if we told you that there was an easy skill that you can learn that helps you get free blog traffic? Sounds great, right?

So what is guest posting? Why is it different and worth your time?

Guest posting blog articles is when you write high quality content for another, typically more popular website. That website gets a piece of free content which increases their website’s value. You, in turn, receive free blog traffic by promoting yourself and your website simply by writing good content and having it exposed to a large audience.

Since the guidelines in order to be approved can be pretty stringent, you need to really engage with the moderators and administrators at the guest blogging sites that you’re targeting. This typically manual review and approval process sets guest blogging apart from other marketing strategies because by default you are building relationships within your industry. By growing your professional network, not only do you get free blog traffic, you also create the possibility for additional opportunities to come your way.

Marketing and Networking go Hand in Hand

By leveraging guest posting  as a part of your marketing strategy, you’re expanding your reach. And expanding your reach is at the essence of the question ‘What is Guest Posting’. But how can you know which sites are the best ones to target? You also have to remember that the prospect of free blog traffic makes this a highly competitive space to operate in. You will need a way to cut through the noise and make your article raise to the top. After all, you can’t start building a relationship if your article is at the bottom of a long stack of articles.

Getting your article noticed, read, and approved is no easy feat, but it can be done. We know this because we’ve done the research and built a course around  it where we use a promotion strategy example that helps you:

  • Understand the history of guest posting
  • Identify and target relevant niche websites that may post your article
  • Leverage best practices to help get you approved to write an article
  • Create an article that focuses on quality
  • And, last but not least, convert the traffic you receive into an audience of your own.

Examples Help you Learn

The promotion strategy example that we follow in the series is that of a generic ‘online gadget store’. We break down each step of the process, thoroughly describe the actions that you will take, and help you follow along by acting as though we’re doing this for our own online gadget business. We’ve also included a set of handy worksheets to help you document your progress as well as test your knowledge as you move through the modules.

The secret answer to the question: “What is Guest Posting?”

The answer for us lies in the system that we’ve created. We believe in this system and its ability to generate free blog traffic, which is why we’ve developed FREE content of our own to help you learn, as well as premium packages for savvy marketers that really want to hone their skills. Our FREE 5 part Guest Blogging series starts here and includes many of the same steps that the paid course does.

Our paid course, the Crash Course to Guest Blogging, includes access to our 5 part video series, where we break down the process and dive into the promotion strategy example in greater depth. As well as the worksheet set, access to a private Facebook group just for your class, and live Q&A sessions with the YourSiteWORKS team.

So if you’re interested in getting free blog traffic, then check out our content and sign up for our course. We’ll help you become an expert at building relationships with other side administrators, and generate a new audience of readers in the process. Our course is easy to follow along because we include a real world promotion strategy example. And we take the time to engage directly with you in order to reaffirm our OWN promise: to engage with and create relationships with aspiring marketers everywhere. Sign up today to start making Your Site WORK!