Why your Marketing Team should be Guest Blogging Experts

Your marketing team needs to guest blog

As a small business owner, you need to make sure that your marketing team is making the best of their time. Being able to communicate effectively with potential customers is crucial in order to keep your sales pipeline full of prospective buyers. Almost every marketing team these days is pretty savvy in paid search – Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. And almost every team knows the importance of keeping a steady flow of fresh content up on your blog. But what if we told you there was a way to harness the best of both worlds, without the high overhead cost?

Guest Blogging is the Ultimate Inbound Marketing Strategy

Your team is already writing blog articles. Now you just need to figure out a way to get them in front of a large group of prospects that match your customer profile. Guest blogging is the way to do that. Your team must first find a few websites that have great traffic and target the same audience that you do. Then they just need to reach out and see if they can write an article for the websites in question. If they get approved and begin posting, your guest blog article will essentially act as an advertisement for your business’ expertise in the subject that your team is writing within.

The website that they’ve written for already has a ton of traffic. You can confirm this by checking them out on Ahrefs or Alexa. The final step for your team is to include a strategic link back to a key page on your website. Some of the readers that check out your article will find this link and move over to your website to continue learning.

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The FREE ‘paid ad’

The only thing this costs you is a little of your marketing team’s time. They’ll need to learn the ropes first, but once they have them mastered, the process can be repeated and scaled to grow as your team does. There are lots of articles out on the web that talk about guest blogging in one way or another. Some talk about how to find the best topics. Others talk about how to find the best websites. But very few places have put together a comprehensive process that helps marketing teams learn about all aspects of guest blogging quickly.

The Crash Course to Guest Blogging

That’s why we’ve created an exclusive online course: The Crash Course to Guest Blogging. In this course, your team will learn the basics of guest blogging, how to determine topics that customers want to hear about, as well as researching and targeting high-quality guest blogging sites. Your team will also learn about the holy grail of guest blogging: maximizing the click through back to your website, and capitalizing the the increased traffic.

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